Sunday, April 10, 2011

Playing Catch-up

It has been a while since I created time to add to this blog, and with two crashed laptops and one crashed iPhone behind me, it has rather put me back in my endeavours to contribute anything meaningful to Food Photographer in Spain, or for that matter any of the blogs for which I write.
Of course some of my readers will also be aware that apart from engaging in periodic bouts of concentration whilst food is swiftly delivered from restaurant kitchen to the awaiting customer’s table via what laughingly classes itself as a photo-shoot (all 5 seconds per plate – it is with some surprise that I manage to get any usable images out of these shoots), I am engaged in some depth in running a Spanish and Mediterranean Culinary School, here in southern Spain.
The culinary school has taken up much of my recent time, punctuated only by unreliable technology. With the school now successfully bedded-in, and with bookings flowing, it allows me time to get back in the saddle and finish all manner of outstanding internet contracts, get up to date with writing and concentrate on what I love best – food!
Whilst I hate routines, summer opens up many opportunities for me and there is a need for me to become rather more disciplined in my approach than I have been of late.
Working alongside a top international chef in Jeremy Stent at el Mirador del Castillo, as I do, the school has taught me to experiment and not be afraid to try new culinary creations, especially for my blogs and magazine. It has also exposed me to my scant knowledge of some areas of cooking, and thus the fact that part of my new routine will now be devoted to a great deal more time undertaking culinary research….an area that I actually love, but have very much put to one side in recent months.
So, in all I can happily suggest that the new routine will kick-in next week and you will see more food writing and much greater activity, here and on Unique Almeria – Almeria, Spain’s Smart Insider Guide. Have a fun week ahead.