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Thursday, July 19, 2012

New! Sabor de Almeria - Tapas Club

To go to directly to the details of the Sabor de Almeria Tapas Club click here otherwise continue to read my ramblings...

It was over a glass of rioja directly from the barrel, offered by a client bar owner, that I first decided to create something fun in food for me. Co-incidentally my brother, whom has rarely set foot in Spain, had asked for advice regarding the etiquette and protocol of ordering tapas in Spain (he's due to visit the north of Spain next year)...i.e. does it come free with your drink, if it isn't free how much should we pay, do we ask for it or is it offered automatically? One thing led to another and I decided that apart from the fact that tapas tradition is great fun (some of you may know I run gastro-tapas tours commercially), it is also a fun way to see an area of the province or even a few places in your own neighbourhood which you would not normally frequent, and meet new like-minded friends, hence the Sabor de Almeria Tapas Club was formed.

Yes, it is a private club. There is currently no official venue base but I have one or two tapas bars and restaurants vying to become the 'official club premises'. The intention is to spread the business around from which all may benefit.

If you wish to know more about what I have in store for club members, then visit the Tapas Club