Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cold Turkey

This week, I gave myself a well earned and deserved day off to recharge my batteries. Having not had a break for 2 years and working 7 days a week I decided to ‘rest.’ No computer, no internet and no camera in tow. By 11.00 I had already failed the test. By 13.00 I had already purchased a note pad and pen in order to scribble some notes between gulps of red wine, the partaking of tapas and a great ‘queso de cabra y mermelada de tomate raf’ in my favourite tapas bar, and at 15.30 I was sitting at the beach answering emails via my iPhone….and, writing this blog. Such is today’s technology.

Let’s just face it – I’m currently a workaholic and a cyber junkie. (With no partner within the vicinity to distract me nor for whom I must be responsible, nor attentive, I guess there isn’t much else to do other than work). Even going without the computer or internet for as little as 24 hours is proving almost impossible for me, and the only feasible way is to go ‘cold turkey.’ As ‘food’ is my business and I have to eat, then it too makes it doubly difficult for me to switch off.

This me leads nicely to, “What are you going to do with the left-overs of your Christmas bird?” (I mean the turkey of course – what were you thinking?).
There are the obvious turkey curries, turkey paella or even turkey mince. I favour just plain cold turkey, (hams too, if you have any left), bubble and squeak and chutneys.
For those more creative of you, how about inventing your own new tapas, and posting it up on the Comida de Almeria Facebook page!?

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  1. cyber junkie.. workaholic..yeah let's face it: virtual life is absorbing real life. Thanks godness we still cannot enjoy the Christmas birds in the cyber space yet..can we?

    Steve, the only way to have a rest and really go offline is, stop paying the phone bill.