Friday, December 31, 2010

Out With 'The Old', In With 'The New'!

I've never been one much for celebrating Christmas nor New Year, especially in recent years, although I have to confess to having a memorable Christmas feast with 20+ Filippino friends in the UAE a couple of years back, but generally I no longer 'do' the festive celebrations in the same way as many. Not that I don't like to but most of my family are scattered around the globe and we never seem to be able to get together due to work commitments. This leaves me often to my own devices and that may mean that I call into a good restaurant for a meal (busman's holiday I guess).

I did exactly that the other day, when I visited Osteria, Restaurante Italiano in Mojacar. It used to be a regular when I was here in 2007 to 2008 but since returning to the area in 2009 I haven't frequented it half as much as I should. It was good in 2007, in fact one of the best in the area, but in 2010, Simon the owner, (a Dorchester Hotel, London trained chef), has 'upped his game' even further and this has to be some of the best pasta in the south of Spain. Oh, and I just happened to have my camera with me! (Do I ever go anywhere without my camera? Yes frequently, and sometimes to my regret). Certainly if you are looking for somewhere with real table clothes, quality wines, and great Italian food then Osteria is just the sanctury that you need to visit. And, I would mention - this is not a pizzeria - sure Simon will throw a pizza together if you twist his arm behind his back, but you primarily go to Osteria to sample good wholesome Italian food by way of pasta dishes, amongst others.

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