Monday, January 24, 2011

New And Old Friends....

Last week, I spent a really pleasurable day visiting Almeria City (again) in order to search for food and culinary delights. I can never get enough of the place, and each time the day is full of surprises. Firstly, I had the good fortune to bump into my dear friend Isabel. She rarely travels into Almeria City itself, as she lives on the outskirts and has little reason to be in the centre, but on this occasion she was not only in Almeria, but was parking the car only a few yards away from where I had alighted. Naturally, we tried a coffee bar not far away.

Later in the day, whilst making new friends in a certain bar, (you can read about the bar in Comida de Almeria next week, when I publish February's issue), I bumped into the beautiful Anna, ex-staff member of Lombok in Mojacar where I had previously shot during the summer months. And of my new friends? Well, apart from any friend of Anna's is a friend of mine, I had the delightful experience of meeting 6 new people, in David, Ismael and another David and their respective partners...the warmth they exude is only matched by the quirkiness of the bar and the owner Jose. The tapas were first class and the wine of course was great - after all, it was my favourite Almeria wine, Tetas de la Sacristana from Seleccion de Vinos de Fondon!

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