Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Step Further Forward...

Like a painter and decorator who works for clients, but leaves painting and decorating of his own house until last, and as a consequence it never gets done, I find myself promoting other people's businesses, but rarely doing any 'real' promotion of my own for my work. With the introduction of this blog, and also with a heavy push from my Business Manager, I took one step closer to doing self promotion by producing the 'postcard' shown in this blog article. Some will consider it strange when I tell you that only about 20% of my working time is spent behind the camera, actually taking the photos. About 5 to 10% is spent doing administration, whilst the remainder is spent, travelling, in meetings, processing images, and other computer related work, such as the food magazine, Comida de Almeria, and conducting other (mainly non-food) projects for clients, that generally pay some of my bills.

Now, it's time to change the way I work. With experience and some expertise in social media marketing, but rarely doing it for myself, it is high time that I take stock, and address the marketing of my own business in a more serious vein.

The postcard you see here (front view and reverse) are the first steps to addressing my own weaknesses, by utilising my strengths.

Of course, if you are a restaurateur or a bar owner, or any business involved in food, and you like the concept of the postcard, then I'd be happy to talk to you about what can be achieved for your business, and how best postcards (such as this above), can be used to promote your offerings. These cards are available in print form, or as e-postcards for electronic mail distribution or inclusion in a website or on Facebook.

I'd be interested to hear your views of the card - please let me know what you think, by writing your comments below. Gracias.

P.S. If you visit my Facebook page, then you can see the entire contents of the postcards.

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