Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Blues?

The wet weather, that we are so used to in the UK, has finally hit our part of southern Spain to dampen spirits and make things difficult for restaurant businesses. However, one man’s misfortune is another’s opportunity if only one can find the angle. It reminds me of the company in the USA which, during the downturn, is making a small fortune from house-clearances where those less fortunate have regrettably had to leave their properties due to financial hardship – it hardly seems fair does it?

For my part, the rain provides me with the opportunity to do more work indoors. Offline computer work particularly, and indoor food photography where possible, turning restaurants or bars into make-shift studios with little or no room to swing a cat, bemused on-looking customers, and some creativity on my part in how to get the best out of the lighting, and the limited surroundings with little or no props. With another few images on the digital card, perhaps the rains will ease.

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